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Zamfara State, Nigeria

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The Finance and General Purpose Committee (FGPC) (Formally known as the State Tender Board) is a parastatal under the Deputy Governor’s Office and is empowered to harmonize and integrate all activities relating to contracts in the State. It is generally saddled with the responsibilities of regulating and setting standards in bidding and procurement processes as well as ensuring that due process is strictly adhered to in the procurement of services and award of contracts. It is also part of its duties to establish and update pricing standards and benchmarks for all supplies to the State Government and prepare a price list for various items for strict adherence by all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the State.

It is also part of the duties of the FGPC to ensure transparency and accountability in the procurement process as well as formulating policies and guidelines related to public procurement.

In addition, it is the functions and duties of the FGPC to not only ensure that any project embarked upon must have been budgeted for but to also monitor the implementation of projects with a view to providing information on performance level output and compliance with the specification and completion period.


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