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Zamfara State, Nigeria

Procurement Procedure


As much as possible, award of contracts in our system is expected to comply with the following procedures.

  • Advertisement
  • Pre-qualification
  • Invitation to Tender
  • Opening of Tender
  • Evaluation process
  • Determination of winning Bid

1. (a)  Government directs for initiation or study of a job   due to prevailing situations, either within the Ministries’ budget or special vote of Charges.

(b). The Ministries identify jobs/services to be carried out for themselves and, where applicable, for the Parastatals under them.  This must be within the provision of the current estimates of the current year.

  2.     Estimates are prepared by individual ministries in case of supply and BOQ by Ministry of Works in the case of Construction.  In cases of supply, samples of items to be procured may be requested from the client as the case may be.

  3.     In case of job identified by Ministries, formal introduction of the subject matter must be made to His Excellency.  After his endorsement, preparation of estimates and/or Bills of Quantities comes next.

4. The prepared estimates and/or BOQ will be attached to a written and comprehensive Memo to His Excellency by the client Ministry.  The whole proposal would be referred to Finance & General Purposes Committee (FGPC) for necessary advice to His Excellency.  The Composition of the committee is as follows:

  1. His Excellency Deputy Governor---------------Chairman
  2. Secretary to the State Government------------Member
  3. The Hon. Commissioner, Justice----------------Member
  4. The Hon. Commissioner, Finance---------------Member
  5. The Hon. Commissioner, Budget----------------Member
  6. The Hon. Commissioner, Works-----------------Member
  7. The Hon. Commissioner, Rural Dev.------------Member
  8. Permanent Secretary, FGPC---------------------Secretary

Having resolved the bidder/contractor including the specification, amount and completion period of the job, the secretary of the Committee who is also the Permanent Secretary of the FGPC would then document the details of the conclusion and recommendations for H is Excellency’s approval and, depending on the threshold, for EXCO’S ratification.


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