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Appointment of Consultant


Consultants perform delegated roles of the Ministries either for themselves or their Parastatals at times when they need their assistance.  They report directly to the ministry for approval of their concepts and proposal and request for payment of their fees.  The procedures for the appointment of consultants are as follows: -

  • Employment of an outside consultant will be purely restricted to works that are specialized, i.e. works which a Ministry has no qualified or not enough personnel or equipment to carry out projects.
  • After satisfying the first condition, consultants who are known to be carrying out this specialized work and have enough personnel andequipment to do the proposed work can be called upon to compete for the job.The invitation could be selected or through open advertisement.
  • Recommendation among the consultants would be made to the FGPC, who will in-turn deliberate and pass to the Executive Governor for final approval.
  • Upon selection, the consultant employed will be notified and all works done will be subject to supervision and certification by the client Ministry.
  • Under pre-contract arrangements the consultants will provide all the necessary working materials (such as preliminary reports, engineering drawings, designs and specification etc) to the client Ministry which will, in turn, check the suitability or otherwise of the documents.
  • After obtaining approval of the preliminary report, the consultant will be asked to submit a final report, where necessary, and Engineering/Architectural design for the Execution of the project.
  • Consultants are paid using federal Government approved scale of fees for them.

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