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Zamfara State, Nigeria

Registration Requirement


Contractors are registered by the State Tender Board on a yearly basis.  The registration could be confined to individuals or groups of individual partnerships or companies registered under the company act, or business name act.  The registration of contractors is classified according to the following





N1.00 –N50,000.00



N50,001 – N200,000.00



N200,001 – N1,000,000.00



N1,000,001 – N5,000,000.00



N5,000,001 – N50,000,000.00



N50,000,001 to above


Categories A&B are the limits of the Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB), while categories C, D and E within the power of the State Executive Governor.  The Executive Governor in Council only approves the last category “F”.  Any contractor that registered with FGPC is free to tender for any contract anywhere within the State, whether Local ministerial or State Contract.  Periodically, list of registered contractors are produced and circulated to all Government Ministries and Parastatals.     

The FGPC may remove a contractor from the register if after hearing evidence, it is satisfied that the contractor has: -

  • Failed to complete a contract satisfactorily.
  • Sub –let a contract without the permission of FGPC.
  • Failed to renew registration for three years,

Once registration is cancelled the contractor will not be considered for re-registration until after a minimum period of three years or more as determined by the Committee.

Contracts are normally on open Tender and contractors allowed to tender on contract that is within their category of registration.

The FGPC conducts quarterly review of all contracts awarded by it with a view to drawing attention of the party concerned to any non- compliance with the term of the contract. Only the FGPC has the powers to approve extension of time for any contract awarded after due consultation with the client Ministry and such extension shall be considered only on the application of the contractor. The same procedure is applied in the case of contract review.

The FGPC has power to reject any tender or a portion there of. When tenders have been rejected the Board may direct that fresh tender be called for.

1.     For now the aforementioned functions and duties of the said Evaluation Committee have since been transferred to the Ministry of Works and Transport. Until now, on receipt of a submission the FGPC passes it to Tender Evaluation Committee.  This is a sub-committee appointed to assist in checking submission from Ministries.  The function of tender Evaluation Committee include, to:

  • Primarily scrutinize the detailed cost estimates for each tender.
  • Look at the specifications of the requirement as per the Bills of Quantities.
  • Ensure that the prices quoted are not only reliable but consistent with current market trend.
  • Ensure that the specifications provided in the technical drawings in the case of building contracts are strictly adhered to as approved.
  • Ensure that all items are supplied in accordance with specifications.Where necessary, samples could be requested from the client Ministry so as to ensure uniformity.
  • Submit periodic findings and recommendations to the Chairman Finance & General Purposes Committee.

The Sub- Committee comprises of: -

i.      Quantity Surveyor            Chairman

ii.      An Architect                     Member

iii.     Quantity Surveyor            Member

iv.     Civil Engineer                     Member

v.      Electrical Engineer            Member

vi.     Water Engineer                 Secretary

The Committee will then visit the site (s) in cases of construction and conduct periodic market survey, in order to be up-to-date on prices of items.  The Committee would prepare its own independent report to FGPC.  The FGPC would sit to compare the contractors’ estimates obtained by the Ministries, the Ministries estimates and that of tender Evaluation Committee.  Whatever is decided will then be included in the minutes of FGPC meeting, which will now be taken to His Excellency for approval.

2.     Immediately after the Executive Governor’s approval, notifications would be issued to individual contractors stating all conditions of the contract therein.

3.     Full Minutes and all copies of notifications will be sent to all members, the Secretary to State Government and State Auditor General.  Extracts of approved contracts and subject files are return to the client ministries for information and necessary action.

4.     On periodic intervals, the Tender Evaluation Committee visits site(s) in case of construction, to ensure that work is being done according to specifications.  This is an addition to official certification to be done by the Ministry of Works before payments are approved on completion of the contract. 


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