Deputy Governor

Early Life and Education

His Excellency, the Deputy Governor, Mani Malam Mummuni was born in Masamar Mudi, Bukkuyum Local Government Area of Zamfara State on 14thApril, 1961. As a Muslim offspring, He was enrolled into Qur’anic School of His Father Naíbi Malam Mummuni at an early age of 4 years in his home town Masama that is why he grew up with proven integrity and good morale.

Following his graduation from the Qur’anic School, Matawallen Bukkuyum was enrolled into Masama Primary School in the year 1972 and finished in 1978. On successful completion of his primary education His Excellency was proceeded to Government Teachers College (GTC) Maru, in 1979 where he successfully obtained his Grade II Teachers Certificate in 1984.

Notwithstanding, Matawallen Bukkuyum enrolled into a prestigious School of training Teachers in Hausa Land (Federal College of Education Kontagora) in 1987 and obtained his Nigeria Certificate on Education in 1990.

His Career

After broad enlightenment on educational position, His Excellency the Deputy Governor began his professional and Working experience as Agricultural expert were posted as T.H.U Supervisor in 1992 by the Ministry of Agriculture in the defunct Sokoto State.

Subsequently His Excellency was appointed by the same Ministry as Officer in charge of Agricultural Loan attached to Zuru, Sakaba and Danko Wasagu Local Governments.

During the transition to Civil Rule in 1996, His Excellency retired but not tired with a view to contributing His quota for the development of His Local Government and stand as a contestant under the system of open ballot box and He was successfully voted massively by the People of Bukkuyum in 1996 to 1997.

Malam Mani made his colleagues at the Honorable House to choose him as their Majority Leader. The position he held between 2007 to 2011.

The 2011 election general election exposed the versatility, Proficiency, respectfulness, compassionate and political reputation of His Excellency  Mani Malam because he is the only person won his seat at the State Assembly Election from the Western Zone of Zamfara State under the Political Party of PDP. He won the State Assembly seat for the Third Term under the situation considered to be tricky, complicated with full of political intimidation against his party (PDP). In that regard, His Excellency Mani Malam was endorsed to serve as Minority Leader of the House.

God in His limitlessness power, Wisdom and Reward highlighted the mind of Dr. Dauda Lawal to choose Hon. Mani as his running mate under the People Democratic Party (PDP).