Zamfara is a state in northwestern Nigeria. Its capital is Gusau and its Governor is Bello Matawalle, a member of the People's Democratic Party (PDP). Until 1996 the area was part of Sokoto State. Zamfara is populated with the Hausa and Fulani peoples. Major groups of people are the Zamfarawa mainly in Anka, Gummi, Bukkuyum and Talata Mafara Local Governments areas.

Dr. Bello MohammadExecutive Governor of Zamfara State
1.0 It is a fervent mission of my administration to make our democracy a beacon of hope and a succour to our people, irrespective of their socio-economic status or political leanings. We will continue to work to give opportunities to the people to excel in life, give hope to the less privileged, and strengthen the state institutions to function effectively and efficiently.  Our goal is to make Zamfara State great and its people happier and prosperous. We believe democracy is not all about elections and protecting civil and political rights of the citizenry, but also addressing the economic and social needs of the people. It is all about good governance and visionary initiatives that promote peace, happiness and development. This is what makes democracy to have a universal appeal.  Our idea of democracy revolves around these lines, and we are fully committed to the pursuit of these ideals.