Governor Dauda Lawal has expressed his administration’s commitment to end banditry in Zamfara State.

On Thursday, the governor visited Zurmi local government and assured the people that banditry would soon be a thing of the past.

A statement by the spokesperson for the governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, said the visit to Zurmi LGA was to sympathise with the emirate and victims of the recent attack.

The statement commended President Tinubu’s administration for its efforts in fighting banditry in the State.

He said: “In his commitment to ensuring peace in Zamfara, Governor Dauda Lawal visited Zurmi local government area to sympathise with the emirate and its people. He pledged to increase security measures to prevent future attacks.

“The Governor was received by the Emir of Zurmi, His Royal Highness Alhaji Bello Suleiman, at the palace.”

While at the Zurmi LGA military formation, Governor Lawal commended and encouraged the troops with words of appreciation.

“We appreciate the federal government’s support, especially the increased presence of troops in volatile areas across the state. The security forces are doing an excellent job of securing the lives and properties of the people.”

The Governor visited internally displaced persons at GSS Zurmi, Government Secondary School Nasarawan Zurmi, and Primary School Dauran. He sympathised and assured them of his commitment to ending banditry in the State.

He presented the internally displaced persons with relief materials and promised to work towards returning them to their homes, where they rightfully belong.

Senior Special Assistant (Media and Publicity) to the Zamfara Governor
December 21, 202


Governor Dauda Lawal charged the three new Khadis of the State Shari’a Court of Appeal to be honest and committed while discharging their duties.

The Chief Judge of the State swore in three new Khadis of the Zamfara State Shari’a court on Wednesday at the council chambers, government house, Gusau.

A statement by the spokesperson for the Zamfara governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, said the Sharia courts play a significant role in the state’s legal system.

According to him, the Shari’a courts in Zamfara were expanded in 1999 to handle criminal and other matters and have since been at the forefront of dispensing justice.

During his speech, Governor Dauda Lawal urged the newly appointed Khadis to maintain the integrity of their office.

“I believe your appointment as kadis of the Sharia Court of Appeal is in recognition of your vast experience, Islamic jurisprudential expertise, and commitment to upholding the tenets of Shari’a.

“You have a role to play in ensuring an equitable dispensation of justice to people. Yours is therefore a great trust. As kadis, you should always remember that you will ultimately account for all your judicial decisions before Almighty Allah on the Day of Judgment.”

Furthermore, Governor Lawal tasked the new Khadis with upholding the people’s trust in the Sharia legal system and ensuring that the courts remain a beacon of hope, especially for the vulnerable.

“In line with the Rescue Mission of my administration, I assure you that we shall remain committed to the implementation of sharia across the state, both in terms of legal adjudication and undertaking projects.

“With your swearing in today, you should bear in mind that you have a great task of maintaining the integrity of our Sharia system. Justice must be done to all manners of people irrespective of their political, economic, and social status.”


Governor Dauda Lawal led a delegation of officials from Zamfara to Kigali for a four-day retreat marking the end of Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) in the State.

The retreat commenced on Monday, 4th December, with a series of events aimed at revamping the educational sector in Zamfara State.

According to a statement by the Governor’s Spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, BESDA is a World Bank initiative that aims to improve literacy rates and provide equal access to education for out-of-school children in Nigeria.

The statement added that the BESDA program aims to improve basic education and strengthen accountability for results in states like Zamfara.

He said: “In line with the recent declaration of a state of emergency on education in Zamfara, Governor Dauda Lawal led a high-powered delegation comprising the Secretary to the State Government, Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Executive Chairman of the Zamfara State UBE, and others to Rwanda for a retreat.

“The United Nations organised a four-day retreat as part of its Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) programme. The programme aims to reduce the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria, which is currently the highest in the world according to UNESCO.

“In an interaction with the Rwandan Ministry of Education, the Zamfara State delegation held vital engagements on policies, strategies, programs, mechanisms, and initiatives for addressing Gender-Based Violence in schools (lessons learnt, achievement, challenges, and way forward).

“Other vital areas discussed are policies, strategies, and programs to address early pregnancy cases in schools and support provided identified cases.

“The Zamfara delegation also had a brainstorming session with the Rwandan Basic Education Board, where ideas were exchanged, especially on the overview of the work of the board and possible ways to improve the Zamfara State Universal Basic Education.

“Governor Lawal’s entourage also visited selected Public Schools (outside Kigali) with smart classroom settings to adopt and implement the same in Zamfara public schools.

“During a visit to the African Leadership University, Governor Lawal secured scholarships for Zamfara indigenes displaced by banditry in the State.”


Governor Dauda Lawal has reiterated his administration’s commitment to invest massively in girl-child education across Zamfara State.

On Thursday, Governor Lawal attended an awareness lecture on gender-based violence, organized by the office of the Zamfara State First Lady, Hajiya Huriyya Dauda Lawal, as part of the 16-day activism.

In a statement by his spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, the Governor called for a collective response against gender-based violence.

The statement added that the awareness program is one of the critical events of the office of the First Lady in its efforts to improve the lives of girl-children in Zamfara state.

While delivering his remark, Governor Dauda Lawal said that Zamfara has been unfortunately infested with insecurity for over ten years, which gave rise to insecurity.

“The insecurity in Zamfara gave rise to the internal displacement of several communities, and the victims are mainly girls and women.

“Gender-based violence is a serious problem that we face as people. Therefore, we are developing programmes aimed at solving this massive inequality by investing in prevention and public enlightenment and creating access to education as well as economic development.

“We are particularly determined to invest more in girl-child education by encouraging parents to send their girl-child to school.

“I recently approved massive renovations of some girls’ secondary schools, College of Health Technology, and College of Health Sciences across Zamfara.

“It is pleasing to report that there has been a significant increase in enrollment of girls in schools, which is a positive development.

Earlier, during her speech, the First Lady of Zamfara State, Hajiya Huriyya Dauda Lawal, commended the State government for addressing issues related to girls’ education.

“Today, we have gathered together to declare with one voice that enough is enough! As the First Lady of Zamfara State, it is my unwavering commitment to stand as an advocate of change – a catalyst for a society where every person, regardless of gender, can thrive in safety and equity.” She said.


Governor Dauda Lawal has vowed to end the persisting problem of banditry in Zamfara State.

On Wednesday, the governor visited the Community Protection Guards (CPG) training camp, an initiative of his administration to combat banditry in the state.

A statement by the governor’s spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, noted that the ongoing Community Protection Guards (CPG) training has instilled hope and confidence in the fight against insecurity in Zamfara.

According to him, the recruitment process for the Community Protection Guards (CPG) was a rigorous one, with 300 individuals selected from each of the 14 local government areas of the state.

Governor Lawal expressed confidence in the fight against insecurity and emphasised the need for collective responsibility to ensure peace in Zamfara.

During the visit, he said: “I am here today to witness the progress of the newly recruited Community Protection Guards (CPG) training.

“I urge you all (the recruits) to dedicate yourselves to the training as the task ahead is enormous and requires sacrifice for the motherland. We must come together for an effective result. One day, we will overcome the security challenges we face across Zamfara State.

“I am delighted with what I have seen at the training camp. It has raised my hopes, and I am confident that our rescue mission is on track, ensuring a better future for Zamfara.”


Governor Dauda Lawal has assured that his administration will restore the glory of education in Zamfara State.

Giving assurance at the official launch of the commencement of construction and renovation of schools, Governor Lawal reaffirmed his commitment to the revitalisation of education.

A statement by the Spokesperson of the Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, noted that the State Government is prioritising education in fulfilment of the campaign promises made.

According to him, the commencement of the projects aligns with the State of Emergency declared in the education sector.

He said: “During the presentation of award letters for school construction and renovation in Zamfara State, Governor Lawal expressed his commitment to completely revamping the education sector.

“The flag-off exercise is for the construction and renovation of classrooms, WASH facilities, school fencing, and the provision of furniture for students and teachers in our schools, all in the spirit of the state of emergency the government declared.

“The projects are going to be executed by reputable indigenous contractors. The projects include the complete rehabilitation of the dilapidated schools across the 14 Local Government Areas. This is in addition to new ones, including Tsangaya schools across the three zones of Anka, Kaura Namoda, and Gusau.

“For the execution of these projects, the sum of Four Billion Three Hundred and Forty-Six Million Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Two Hundred and Nine Naira Nineteen Kobo only (4,346,450,209.19) has been earmarked by the government. The project contractors have been carefully selected based on their integrity and experience handling similar projects.”

“The project involves constructing and renovating 245 schools across the 14 local government areas in the state. Additionally, 9,542 two-seater desks will be provided for pupils and students in schools across the 14 local government areas.”


Governor Dauda Lawal has restated that the people of Zamfara State have bestowed their trust in his administration.

The Governor, who returned on Monday from an official foreign trip, was greeted by an unprecedented crowd of supporters in an electrifying atmosphere upon his arrival in Gusau.

A statement by the Spokesperson of the Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, said the massive crowd that received the Governor was a testament to the high level of trust in his administration.

According to him, Governor Lawal’s government garnered immense support from the people of Zamfara, who displayed their affection as a show of solidarity.

He said: “Yesterday, while returning to Zamfara from an official trip in Abidjan, Governor Dauda Lawal was received by an unprecedented crowd of people.

“Governor Lawal’s convoy was welcomed by a massive crowd from the Tsafe local government area to Gusau, the state capital.

“In his remark at the State secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Governor Lawal reiterated that the people of Zamfara have placed their trust in his leadership. He vowed to work tirelessly to honour that confidence.

“We are not afraid of a re-run. The people of Zamfara have entrusted us with their votes. We are prepared and optimistic; even if the election occurs tomorrow, we are ready to go to Maradun local government.

“We are fully committed to our rescue mission, and no obstacle can impede our determination and focus.”


Governor Dauda Lawal appealed to the African Development Bank to incorporate Zamfara State into phase 2 of the Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) program.

The Governor appealed while making a presentation on Saturday during a meeting between Northwest Governors and the President of the AfDB, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina.

The SAPZ programme aimed to end the export of raw agricultural commodities, providing an opportunity for processing locally.

A statement by the spokesperson of Zamfara Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, said Zamfara missed out on Phase 1 of the Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) program in 2021 but will benefit from Phase 2 after the intervention of the Governor.

According to the statement, the Northwest States, including Zamfara, will experience unprecedented growth and development in the agricultural sector, contributing significantly to Nigeria’s economic transformation.

He said: “The meeting between the Northwest Governors and Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, has opened doors of opportunity for the seven states in the region.

“The governors of Zamfara, Kebbi, Katsina, Sokoto, Jigawa, Kano, and Kaduna informed the president of the AfDB about the significant areas in the region that require attention.

“The Governors approached the African Development Bank for assistance in tackling crucial challenges in their respective States, such as security, human capital development, and agriculture. These crucial aspects are interconnected and significantly impact the overall well-being and prosperity of the people.

“Through collaboration and with the guidance and support of the African Development Bank, Northwest Governors will be empowered to create a safer and more conducive environment for their citizens. This will not only attract investments but also foster sustainable economic growth.”

The African Development Bank has expressed interest in providing support to Nigeria’s Northwest region. The Bank’s President commended the Governors for prioritising the well-being of their people.


Governor Dauda Lawal has charged the newly sworn-in Sole Administrators to uphold the guiding principles of his Rescue Mission.

The newly appointed 14 local government sole administrators were sworn-in in a colourful ceremony at the Nadama Hall, J. B Yakubu Secretariat in Gusau.

A statement by the Governor’s Spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, said the sole administrators were tasked to work very hard to justify the enormous confidence reposed in them.

He added that the sole administrators were reminded of the administration’s mission to ensure full implementation of policies and programmes that will assist in the positive transformation of people’s well-being, particularly on security and infrastructure development issues.

The statement read in parts: “Governor Lawal, while addressing the newly sworn-in sole administrators, said that the guiding principles in appointing them are competence, dedication, and experience. These qualities are the foundation upon which they were entrusted with the responsibility to oversee the affairs of the Local Government Councils pending the completion of all necessary preparations for the Local Government elections by the State Independent Electoral Commission.

“The sole administrators were carefully selected to run the affairs of Local Governments in recognition of their honesty, integrity, valuable contributions to their respective communities, and support to rescuing Zamfara from the morass of ineptitude and impunity.

“The Governor further tasked them to work very hard to justify the enormous confidence reposed in them. Preparing yourselves to handle the numerous tasks and responsibilities would be best. This is important, considering the role of local government as the third tier of government and the closest to the people.

“He charged them to form a formidable team and work closely with the secretaries of their councils and councillors.”

The sworn-in Sole Administrators were presented with appointment letters by the Executive Governor, Dauda Lawal, to serve in that capacity for six months.


Governor Dauda Lawal, on Thursday, sought improved collaboration and working synergy among security agencies in the State.

The Governor appealed while presiding over the Zamfara State Security Council meeting at the council chambers, Government House, Gusau.

According to a statement by the Spokesperson of the Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, the Council discussed crucial security issues.

In addition, the Governor emphasised the need for security agencies to work together and share information to enhance their effectiveness in combating banditry.

The statement said: “During the Zamfara Security Council meeting today, Governor Dauda Lawal led discussions on how to end the menace of banditry and other crimes in the State.

“He informed the members of the Security Council that the selection process for the Community Protection Guards’ steering committee has been concluded in all 14 local governments of the State. The training for the selected guards is scheduled to commence towards the end of this week.

“The Governor urged the heads of security agencies in Zamfara to increase patrols due to reports of bandit influx from neighbouring states.
He reiterated that the safety of lives and properties remains the topmost priority of his administration. He further stated that he is always prepared to furnish security agencies with adequate logistics and moral support to help them achieve this objective.

“He appealed to the heads of security agencies in the state to work collaboratively towards finding a more strategic and kinetic approach to ending the ongoing insecurity challenges.”